Docker Registry

How to use a private Docker Registry #

Using a private registry is straightforward:

  1. Log into the Quantum Console
  2. Click on Registries
  3. Fill out the form

The following screenshots illustrate what you should see:

Ensure that you use the correct registry URL and your stacks reference the image by its FQDN.

For example: If you happen to have an image called nginx, prefix it with your registry —, otherwise Docker will attempt to pull the Nginx image from Docker Hub.

Verification #

To avoid errors when deploying stacks, please verify the credentials you put in have (at least) read-access to your registry and the image:

You need to have Docker installed and access to a Terminal:

$ docker login

This will prompt you for a username and password — use the credentials you added online.

Once the previous command succeeds, follow up and pull one of your published images:

$ docker pull
If you don’t have a private registry yet, you can deploy one on Quantum.