Setup DNS #

In order to start using your own domains for your applications, you need to set up CNAME records.

DNS Configuration #

For example, to start using a domain, such as www.example.org, you need to point its DNS to your cluster’s DNS record: customer-name.customer.planetary-quantum.net. The required CNAMEs look similar to the following:

www.example.org IN CNAME customer-name.customer.planetary-quantum.net.
app.example.org IN CNAME customer-name.customer.planetary-quantum.net.
To find out what your cluster’s name is, log into the Console to find the cluster’s name in the list of endpoints. The name always follows .customer.planetary-quantum.net and is used throughout the Console in various places. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

This enables you to assign the domains to an application via Traefik labels and also enables automatic SSL via Let’s Encrypt.

For details, please see the documentation on how to use the Traefik load balancer.

Apex Domains #

The apex (also known as the root) of a domain is different. To point example.org to your cluster, please set up an A record with your DNS provider. Use the the IP from the following:

$ dig +short customer-name.customer.planetary-quantum.net