Easy deployment and smooth operations #

Our goal is, that it should be simple and straightforward to deploy an application. Ideally, you don’t have to

  • learn more
  • dive into CDKs
  • use tools like helm, Terraform — let alone Kubernetes

… to deploy an application. It should just work!

We currently support building from a Dockerfile (if your repository contains all dependencies) or Cloudnative Buildpacks. The following recipes demonstrate that building and running an application is possible. With the least amount of changes. Happy deploying!

Please note, the easiest way to build and deploy an application on runway is when your repository contains all the necessary artifacts. Otherwise, set potential credentials via runway app config set FOO=bar to ensure builds can access all dependencies and requirements to be successful. Check out the CLI documentation to learn more.
Jekyll and Hugo
Non-HTTP services, Non-Servers, Background Commands
Ruby(on Rails)
Web servers