Environment variables

Environment variables #

As described in the internals section, the build and launch phases can be configured using a project.toml file in the root of your project (repository). If you prefer using environment variables, this page here is for you.

What’s supported? #

Each Paketo Buildpack supports a variety of configuration. Too much to repeat here! We use the “full builder”, so all Paketo buildpacks are available. Each individual buildpack supports options to configure it, please refer to its GitHub repository in the Paketo organization to learn more.

Example #

Let’s deploy a NodeJS application!

As outlined in our NodeJS-docs, runway and the Paketo buildpacks attempt to auto-detect the most common settings - e.g. npm run start to launch the application. Specifically for the launch process there is an alternative you can use using the BP_LAUNCHPOINT environment variable.

$ runway app config set BP_LAUNCHPOINT=./subdir/server.js
INFO    configuring app "absolute-foobar"             
configure app absolute-foobar: done
Name                 Value              
BP_LAUNCHPOINT       ./subdir/server.js 

The example is a typical JavaScript application, but the server.js is located in a directory called subdir (instead of the repository root) and no npm run start is setup.