The application life cycle #

The lifecycle of an application includes building and managing it.

The following sequence diagram presents the journey that happens when you (login and) deploy an application. When you runway apps push, the type of application is determined.

We currently support Dockerfile and various buildpacks. Once determined, the application is build by our “builder” service and finally deployed to Runway.

sequenceDiagram User->>Controller: runway login (authz) User->>Controller: runway apps create note over User,Controller: creates your app par User to Controller User->>Controller: capabilities Controller-->>User: ack and User to Builder User->>Builder: runway apps deploy end alt Builder-->>Buildpack: type buildpack else Builder-->>Docker: type Dockerfile end note over Buildpack,Docker: determine build method Builder->>Runway: deployment Builder-->>User: failure Runway-->>User: ack User-->>Runway: manage note over User,Runway: runway apps logs, runway apps stats, runway apps scale, ...