application management #

Manage your applications using the following commands:

  • runway app create
  • runway app show
  • runway app ls
  • runway app deploy
  • runway app rm

global flags #

When working within your app’s repository, we usually guess the app from the git-remote that we created with runway app create. If you work outside of this context, all subcommands of runway app support the following flag:

  • -a
  • --app

app create #

Creating an application has additional options:

short versionlong versiondescription
-a--appthe name of the new app (unique across runway)
-p--planthe plan to use
n/a--persistenceenable persistence

plans #

All plans are available via runway plan ls or on our website.

persistence #

By default applications on runway are using ephemeral disks — each deploy is a brand new environment.

--persistence enables a volume which is mounted at /data. You can use this volume to save data that should be kept across deploys. The caveat is that the volume needs to be released during a deployment, which may cause short blips!

Persistence can be enabled for std plans and up. Once enabled, it cannot be disabled.