Managed Registry #

As an alternative to Docker Hub, Planetary Quantum operates a managed registry service for our customers. This service is not included by default.

Our managed registry platform is powered by the following components:

  • VMWare Harbor (v2.1.3)
  • an S3 compatible object storage

Details #

VmWare Harbor contains a couple of services which make it a great project for on-premise installations for a Docker Registry. The most notable features for us are:

  • Docker Image replication (between registries)
  • Notary to sign Docker Images
  • Vulnerability Scanning (through Clair)
  • Gating of vulnerable Docker Images
  • Complete audit-trail of all operations

Running and maintaining all the necessary components for a full-fledged installation can be challenging and time-consuming, which is why Planetary Quantum does it for you!

Additional features #

  • Custom alerting for vulnerabilities found in Docker Images
  • Docker Hub Proxy for our customers
  • Integrated with Quantum ID

Interested? #

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.