Managed Metrics

Managed Metrics #

For turn-key observability into your applications, Planetary Quantum operates a managed metrics service for our customers. This service is included by default and comes at no extra cost.

Our managed metrics platform is powered by the following components:

  • Cortex (v 1.11.0)
  • object storage
  • Quantum Monitoring Stack

Details #

Planetary Quantum runs a dedicated stack on each customer cluster.

This monitoring stack primarily includes:

  • Grafana Agent
  • Google cAdvisor
  • Prometheus Node-Exporter
  • Portainer Agent

The purpose of this monitoring stack is to collect metrics of containers, services and stacks in order to provide customers with details (primarily CPU, RAM and disk) of how their infrastructure is utilized.

Collected metrics are stored in a tenant (in Cortex) which allows for greater analysis from a high-level, down to the details of an individual container.

Deploy your own Grafana Continue here to learn how to deploy your own Grafana instance for Planetary Quantum.
Customers should follow our suggested first steps to set up the relevant alerts for their cluster and configure the required receiver.

Architecture #

sequenceDiagram participant S as Docker Service participant Cluster participant M as Monitoring Stack participant C as Cortex Tenant participant A as Alertmanager participant Grafana Note right of Grafana: analysis Note right of S: your application Note right of M: cAdvisor, node-exporter, agent rect rgb(160, 160, 160) loop collection S->>M: Container usage Cluster->>M: System metrics M->>C: Aggregate metrics end end rect rgb(237, 22, 81) C->>Grafana: Dashboards loop monitoring C->>A: Alerting end end