Managed Logging #

For turn-key observability into your applications, Planetary Quantum operates a centralized logging service for our customers. This service is included by default and comes at no extra cost.

Our centralized logging platform is powered by the following components:

  • Loki (v 2.3.0)
  • an S3 compatible object storage
  • Promtail
  • Docker Loki plugin
  • Grafana

Details #

Planetary Quantum collects system level logs which we use to observe customer infrastructure. It allows us to support your infrastructure 24/7 when we run continuous updates and to ensure the overall health of your operations.

Service (or application) specific logs of our customers are stored in a specific tenant (in Loki) which allows for log aggregation and centralization across services and even clusters and (using Grafana) provides our customers with mechanisms to set the relevant alerts.

Deploy your own Grafana Continue here to learn how to deploy your own Grafana instance for Planetary Quantum.

Architecture #

sequenceDiagram participant Cluster participant P as Promtail participant Quantum participant S as Docker Service participant L as Loki Tenant participant Grafana Note right of Grafana: alerts, analysis Note right of S: your application rect rgb(160, 160, 160) loop log ingestion Cluster->>P: Collect logs (kernel, systemd) P->>Quantum: Send logs end end rect rgb(237, 22, 81) loop log ingestion S->>L: Send logs (via Docker Plugin) end L->>Grafana: View logs end