Console #

For web access to your applications, Planetary Quantum operates a customized version of Portainer for its customers. This service is included by default and comes at no extra cost.


Current release: 2.1.1

Additional features #

The following is a list of additional integrations and features which we built into our Console:

Custom dashboards #

Tight integration of custom dashboards for our customers. Our dashboards feature the relevant metrics (CPU, RAM and disk) and let our customers drill down from cluster-wide usage views, down to the individual service/container.

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Automation #

We built Quantum-CLI to enable automated and repeatable deployments for our customers.

Copy and pasting stacks into a UI should be a thing of the past. Your CI/CD now takes care of deployments for you.

Enhanced Agent Stability #

The portainer-agent is the key to keeping your cluster available through the Console at all times. We developed the algorithm which reserves the right amount of CPU and memory and ensures the agent runs in its own Linux cgroup to keep it available even when resources are sparse.

Enhanced Docker Registry management #

We improved (stock) Portainer in two areas:

  1. Non-admin accounts can manage their Docker Registry. Which means that a developer can configure necessary credentials of external registries required during application deployments.
  2. Different customers and teams can use the same Docker Registry but with (of course) separate accounts. This addresses two use-case, e.g. multiple teams (or different) may both use a Docker Hub account. And it allows segregating ACL to the same registry depending on context e.g. for compliance regulations.