Scaling Storage

Scaling Storage #

If you have a multi-node Quantum cluster, or if you’re preparing to add a node to your existing cluster, there are usually a few challenges to make applications scale horizontally. Many frameworks and systems expect folders to be available to store file uploads, generated assets or even logs. Sharing a Docker volume across containers has drawbacks in performance, and also limits the application to run on a distinct single node.

The following pages talk about how our (Amazon-S3 compatible) object storage can be integrated to increase scalability and availability of your application.

At Planetary Quantum we start a cluster at one node. These single-node clusters can be expanded to add capacity and/or availability to your applications. Please get in touch and we can support you in planning for the future.
The examples on the following pages use example credentials which do not work. Please customize access key (your-key-id), secret access key (your-secret) and bucket ( accordingly.
Bucket names are always unique across all customers who use our object storage. That’s why we recommend to use a DNS-style name (with a domain you own), such as: :)
SSL/TLS for buckets
Bucket Policies
Signed URLs
Using mc
Frameworks & Applications