Dockerize Your App

Dockerize your App #

Our examples section has tutorials on how to deploy different applications which demo how these applications run in containers. We invite you to go through these as learning by doing is more fun than reading endless texts about all the things you should follow.

In general, we take the following steps when we approach new applications which we haven’t run on Docker before:

  1. Check the official documentation of the project or work with the vendor to find out what their suggestions are in regards to running in a container environment.
  2. We use official images (from Docker Hub). This is especially true for services, such as webservers, caches, databases and queues.
  3. We try to follow best practices.

Best practices #

  • follow 12-factor principals
  • don’t hard-code credentials (application or build specific)
  • use a linter for your Dockerfile
  • setup repeatable pipelines to automate early
  • run the same Docker image in all environments (development, staging, production)
Stuck, or unsure? No worries — we can review initial configuration and project setup, or build the pipeline for you. This is (just) one of the things we do for our customers, please get in touch.