via the Web UI

Deployments with The Quantum Console #

Simple one-click apps #

Many apps can be installed by just selecting them from the “App Templates” list and filling in the app-specific configuration form fields (if any).

The templates that include HTTP/HTTPS endpoints (like wordpress and nextcloud, for example) are already set-up correctly to work with the built-in traefik load balancer.

You can also use these templates as a starting point, and further customize them as needed, once the Stack/Container is created.

Docker-compose and Docker Swarm stacks #

For deploying docker-compose or Docker Swarm based services, choose “Stacks” → “Add Stack”.

If your docker-compose.yml references images that are on a private registry, make sure to configure the registry first.

For HTTP/HTTPS based services, instead of publishing the ports directly, you should use the built-in traefik load balancer (which is also set up to do automatic Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate handling).

Service names must be globally unique - we recommend prefixing the stack name with your Quantum cluster name (your-cluster-wordpress, etc).

Single containers #

For single containers, choose “Containers” → “Add Container”. Networks and named Volumes must be created beforehand, under the respective menu entries.

The same set of caveats as with stacks apply here: