Running your own Grafana #

For debugging and observability, Planetary Quantum’s Console provides two important functions:

  • the “observe” dashboard which provides the most important metrics (CPU, RAM and HDD) with filtering from high-level (“your cluster”) to the individual container
  • aggregate container logs right inside the console

Together these deliver a turn-key experience covering most of the daily needs of operators and developers alike.

We understand that our customers have different needs and preferences. And even though we may not always immediately show them what they need, we probably have the data though!

We got the data #

We operate a “monitoring stack” for our customers. The stack contains cAdvisor and Node-Exporter (among other things) which collect many metrics of your running systems, services and containers. We evaluate and process the most important metrics for you, but there is more.

Follow along for more details on our Metrics platform (and the monitoring stack).

Get the data #

Running your own instance of Grafana provides you the freedom to do just that — tap into all the collected data to build custom dashboards or to aggregate your logs in any other way — for example by the stack, by the node or maybe across multiple stacks and nodes? Your choice.

Planetary Quantum provides a Grafana stack you can install (instructions in the

An example dashboard is provided as well.

Our Grafana stack is auto-configured to work (and IP-authenticate) on our platform. Remote access to these endpoints from a Grafana running on your laptop or on another remote server is not supported. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions.