Custom Certs

Using Custom TLS Certificates #

The default Traefik installation provided with Planetary Quantum only automatically issues Let’s Encrypt certificates.

If you need custom TLS certificates, you can run your own load balancer. We have assembled an example, using the same version of Traefik we use on the platform, on

Other solutions are possible, including using nginx or HAProxy containers. The basic building blocks will be the same:

  • a (manually created) docker network (using the overlay driver, called “public” in our case)
  • a load balancer container (Traefik, in our case), connected to that network, and bound to ports 80 and 443
  • and all app containers that should be reachable also connected to that network
For load-balancers/reverse-proxies that do not support direct docker service discovery, like nginx: make sure that it refers to the apps with their long-form DNS name (tasks.some-stack_some-service) - see our hints about DNS names for details.