User Management and Deployment Bot Accounts

User Management #

Planetary Quantum users are “group leaders” in Quantum ID and can create as many subordinate users (or other group leaders) as needed.

To do that, go to and click on “Create user”.

Deployment Accounts #

The same process is used to create one-off accounts for use by CI/CD systems, or other bots:

  • create a user with an informative name for your use-case (drone-io-wordpress-deploy-bot)
  • choose a strong password
  • for “restricted” stacks or containers (that aren’t visible to your whole team), you might need to give explicit access. Navigate to the specific Stack or Container, and add the account there (“Access control” → “Restricted” → add the user).
Since the deployment account is just a normal Quantum Console user, you can use it to log into the UI, and confirm that it (only) has the level of access it needs.